Disney Channel Auditions for Kids & Teens

Looking for Disney Channel auditions? Well guess what. You're not alone. Lots of child and teen actors wanna live the Suite Life. But just how many is 'lots'? Lucky for you, we crunched the numbers...

We get several hundred emails every month from readers just like you. 1 in every 4 of those messages is from a girl (sometimes a boy) between the ages of 10 and 16 who wants to be a star on the Disney Channel. So do the math. There are literally thousands of little girls out there who want to meet Zack and/or Cody.

Disney Channel auditions

So here you are, boiz and gurlz. If you want to be a star on the Disney Channel, here's what you have to do...

  1. Convince your parents to drop everything and take you to Burbank, California; where The Disney Channel Headquarters are located.

  2. Secure a meeting with Judy Taylor, VP of Casting for The Disney Channel. The woman has a busier schedule than the President of the United States, and is more closely guarded too. To get her attention, you'll have to sift through hundreds of staffers, secretaries, interns, and security personnel.

  3. Be AT LEAST 5 times prettier and more talented and than the likes of Miley Cyrus, Corbin Bleu, Brenda Song, Justin Bieber, Raven Symone, and the Jonas Brothers.

  4. Prepare an earth-shattering audition on the fly.

What are the odds?

Disney Channel Auditions Done Right

You know, there is another way to get into Disney Channel auditions. It involves years of diligence, professionalism, perseverance, and good ol' fashioned elbow grease. But instead of us telling you, why don't we hear it straight from the source?

Notice the vocabulary she uses: pursuing careers and actively working on their craft. Contrast that with the vocabulary that appears in our inbox: plz, dis iz my dreeeeem.

But here's what's most telling: Ms. Taylor reveals that these kids were already working actors. They had been pounding the pavement for years before they ever got into a room with Disney. And during that time they were busy doing local theatre, getting an agent, taking classes, networking around town, and everything else we've been telling you to do on this website.

If you're reading this because you want to score a TV series and become a Disney Channel actress like Selena Gomez or Ashley Tisdale, then go away. We can't help you. In fact, no one can help you. Take your Bieber Fever and hit the road.

If, on the other hand, you have a passion for acting, and you're serious about launching a career, We can help you. In fact, we really want to help you.

Consequently, this section of the site isn't devoted to getting your face on the Disney Channel. Rather, it's about getting you ready for Disney Channel auditions, and getting you ready to audition for other high-profile projects and directors.

Always remember, your acting career is not about ONE channel, or ONE TV show, or ONE audition. It's about creating positive habits which will cause you to book jobs automatically.

The Mouse is Everywhere

You crazy kids might be on to something, wanting to get into Disney Channel auditions. Did you know that The Walt Disney Company is the largest entertainment conglomerate in the world? They have their furry little paws in virtually every media platform known to man: Theatre, television, film, radio, recording, publishing, animation, and the internet. Here are a few of the Disney assets:

  • • Walt Disney Pictures
  • • Touchstone Pictures
  • • Marvel Entertainment
  • • Pixar
  • • Buena Vista Pictures
  • • ABC Studios
  • • Lifetime
  • • A&E
  • • The History Channel
  • • The Biography Channel
  • • Radio Disney
  • • Hyperion Books
  • • ESPN, Inc.
  • • The Muppets Studio, LLC

The list goes on. It's actually kinda scary to think about.

Ever catch your favorite show on Hulu? Disney owns that too.

And let's not forget about their theme parks and cruise lines, currently operating on five continents.

And during these times of economic duress, The Walt Disney Company is still going strong, with Disney casting calls employing thousands of actors all over the world. If you're in entertainment, it's kinda hard to avoid working for Disney.

So don't worry. If it's Disney Channel auditions you want, chances are that at SOME point in your career, you'll get the attention of the Mouse. Just don't expect him to catapult you to fame and fortune overnight.

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