Voice Acting for Beginners, An Interview with Adam Verner

Voice acting is a part of the industry that doesn't get much attention. But just think about how many disembodied voices you hear in a typical day. Radio and television commercials, movie trailers, cartoon characters, audiobooks, video games, and even that guy who narrates on National Geographic. They're everywhere!

According to Voices.com, the voice over industry is growing at a clip off 7.5% annually, which makes for 13.5 billion dollars this year alone. And thanks to new and emerging technologies, the demand for voice talent will only increase over time.

Working as a voice artist can be fun, creative, and quite lucrative. But it can also be an exclusive club, with the same few actors booking job after job.

Voice Acting, Adam Verner Headshot

Luckily, we recently interviewed leading voice talent, Adam Verner. His client list includes Starbucks, Gillette, McDonald's, HP Computers, Winterfresh Gum, Ford Motors, Kodak, Harley Davidson, and the list goes on.

(In fact, the morning we interviewed Adam, he had a booking for later that day. Who was he recording for? BMW.)

This 28 minute interview is jam-packed with pure GOLD. Adam tells how he found his footing in the world of voice over, and how you can do the same thing.

Highlights from the Interview

  • • The REAL path to breaking into voice over. (2:10)
  • • How long it takes to establish yourself as a voice artist. (5:01)
  • • The importance of networking. (6:38)
  • • What to do if YOU want to be a voice artist. (11:31)
  • • The hardest part about working in voice over. (11:55)
  • • Finding your 'niche-voice', aka your 'money-voice'. (16:16)
  • • Adam's advice for aspiring voice actors. (19:40)

Key Points to Consider

  • • Adam waited six years before jumping into voice over as a full-time gig.
  • • Start up costs can be considerable: Around $2,000 for a proper demo. Not to mention classes, business cards and other marketing materials.
  • • Speaking of classes, get into one. Especially if you have no previous acting experience.
  • • In becoming a voice artist, don't think of yourself as an actor. Think of yourself as a small business owner.
  • • When marketing yourself, don't try to be everything to everybody. Pick a niche (or type, as I often say) and tailor your marketing approach accordingly.

More About Adam Verner

If you want to learn more about Adam, listen to some more of his voice acting, hire him to record your answering machine message, or compliment him on his rich and resonant tenor, check out adamverner.com, search for him at audible.com, or follow him on Twitter.

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