Free Monologue:
Fact Checker

Age Range: 25 - 45

Gender: Male

Genre: Comedic

Synopsis: A man professes his love for his best friend's girlfriend, despite his best efforts not to.

Author: Gabriel Davis

I’m not the kind of guy who spends hundreds on a last minute flight back to New York, tears across town, then runs up six flights of stairs and knocks on my best friend’s girlfriend’s door in order to run off and elope with her based on one crazy, thoughtless, inexplicably romantic night.

So what am I doing here, Audrey? I’m not passionate. I’m a fact checker for Christ’s sake. And the fact of me – being here – doesn’t check out. It’s nuts! Soul-mates? I don’t believe in them. Never have. So how can I be yours? The fact is, you hardly know me! And I hardly know you!

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