Free Acting Resume Samples and Examples

If you're looking for free acting resume samples, you've found them. Click on the example resume that is closest to your career situation, and you can download a full sized version. Then, simply follow the format. It's that easy.

The Beginner's Resume

If you're just starting your acting career, there's one rule to follow about your resume: Keep it simple.

Beginner's Acting Resume

You'll notice there's a lot of white space. That's okay. Just make sure it's well formatted and attractive to the eye. Make it look professional.

What does this do? It makes you honest. Directors receive padded resumes all day, and it's a real turn-off. When you hand over your mostly white page, it'll be a refreshing change.

That being said, any experience is experience. Were you a spear holder in Hamlet at your high school? Were you Joseph in your church's Nativity play? Done any children's theatre? Put it all on your actor resume.

Had any training? Write it down. Put it in bold so that it draws the eye. Training shows that you're serious. And there's always the chance that your auditors know your teachers. (It's a small world, the acting biz.)

Student Actor's Resume

The Student Actor's Resume

As a student (or recent grad), your first instinct will be to fill your resumé with credits, courses, and master classes. But wait...

The same advice from above still applies: Keep it simple. Sure, do a little name dropping if you think it will help. But don't go overboard.

We've seen recent grads list every class they ever took, and the actual skill level.

"Ballet 4, Jazz 3, Tap 2..."

Directors don't care about that stuff. In fact, they'll see it as pretentious and try-hard. If you want to market yourself as an actor, don't try to impress.

Instead, focus on using your type. Tell them how to cast you. What roles have you played that you could play again in the real world? List them at the top.

Also, list professional credits towards the top, and educational credits toward the bottom. In time, you won't need to list your high school and college credits at all.

Prfoessional Acting Resume

The Professional's Resume

In this acting resume sample, there's very little mention of training, and all of the community and educational theatre credits are gone. Also gone are your stats: Height, weight, vocal range, etc. Why?

Because by now, casting directors know you and your work. Your resumé becomes less of an introduction, and more of a reminder.

Also notice that you're no longer getting calls at home: You've got an agent or manager for that.

But what should you list first? Theatre? TV and film? It depends on what you want to pursue, and where in the world you are.

If you're looking to do theatre and you're in New York, Chicago, or London, theatre credits go at the top.

But if you're in LA or Vancouver and your itching to do film or commercial work, those credits go at the top. This acting resume sample is just a guide.

Make it Your Own

As you can see, each actor's journey is unique. Some of us aim for the theatre, some for film, some for voiceover, etc. Some of us have extensive training, some of us have none at all. Some of us are just beginning, others are old hat.

As a result, no two resumés will look the same. Be creative. Make it look good. Staple it to the back of your professional headshots and you've got a winning combination!

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