Where is Your Acting Career Right Now? Where Do You Want it to Be...?

As an actor, you want to do great work on a consistent basis, and contribute something meaningful to your world. At Ace Your Audition, our mission is simple...

To inform, instruct, and empower you to become business-minded. To grant you the expertise necessary to compete in the acting business.

We believe that studying craft is paramount, but only accounts for a small fraction of success. While a firm comprehension of the business (and your place in it) serves as a foundation for creating an engaging, fulfilling, and successful career as a working actor.

At Ace Your Audition, you'll discover the skills you need to build your small business...

The business of YOU.

Let us be your advocate.

Articles & Advice for Actors

  • Free Monologues

    Need a monologue for your acting auditions? Here's your one-stop-shop for material.

  • Disney Channel Auditions

    Did you know The Walt Disney Company is the largest entertainment conglomerate in the world? And guess what... They need actors like YOU.

  • Open Casting Calls

    Explore the different types of open casting calls, where you can find them, and what you can expect.

  • Your Actor Resume

    Acting resume examples, advice on cover letters, and professional headshots.

  • Singing Auditions

    Singing techniques, how to put your audition songbook together, and suggestions for finding sheet music.

  • How to Become an Actor

    The business of acting. Get your foot in the door, network, and get noticed.

  • Acting Techniques

    Different acting techniques to use in the room. Here's your crash course in Acting 101.

  • The Best Acting Schools

    Want to learn more? Here are the best acting schools in the world and how to get into them.

  • Audition Tips & Tricks

    How do you memorize lines? And what is a slate? You'll find those answers and more right here.

  • Auditions for Kids & Teens

    Does your child have the acting bug? Here's how to get their talent noticed.

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