How to Become Famous, the Only Answer You'll Ever Need

So you want to know how to become famous, huh? You're just dying to be discovered. If only you could get on the Disney Channel or American Idol, you'd be a celebrity overnight.

But wait? Don't hit your browser's "back" button. Keep reading.

Why Become Famous

People who are trying to get famous are trying desperately to be loved. They have very little self-esteem, and to make up for it, they seek attention and approval from anyone and everyone.

So when they turn on the television and see Miley Cyrus getting her picture taken, they crave that same sort of attention.

Don't agree with me? Think I'm wrong? Fine, I'll prove it to you...

How to Become Famous

What if I told you exactly how to become famous? That all you have to do is travel to Washington and assassinate the president. Tomorrow morning, your face will be splattered all over the front page of the New York Times. Everyone will know your name. You'll be famous.

No? Not into it? We didn't think so.

The Curse of Celebrity

Rather than hear it from us... hear it from those who live it every day.

  • "Celebrity is death... Celebrity... that's the worst thing that can happen to an actor."
    ~John Cusack

  • "My mom is always telling me it takes a long time to get to the top, but a short time to get to the bottom."
    ~Miley Cyrus

  • "People want you to be a crazy, out-of-control teen brat. They want you miserable, just like them. They don't want heroes; what they want is to see you fall."
    ~Leonardo DiCaprio

  • "I found the fame thing really was a torment for a while. Then you learn to deal with it."
    ~Mel Gibson

  • "I go around the world dealing with running and hiding... I can't take a walk in the park, I can't go to the store... I have to hide in the room. You feel like you're in prison."
    ~Michael Jackson

  • "The drama and the demands and the pressure and all of the people giving you so much access to so many things can be too much. So couple that with everyone telling you you're so this and so that and so perfect and of course you can lose yourself."
    ~Beyoncé Knowles

  • "First people discover you and they love you. You get big and then you fail. And people are glad that you fail. But I've always come back and I've started to trust myself."
    ~Steve Martin

  • "Being famous was extremely disappointing for me. When I became famous it was a complete drag and it is still a complete drag."
    ~Van Morrison

  • "I may be a living legend, but that sure don't help when I've got to change a flat tire."
    ~Roy Orbison

  • "Fame makes you feel permanently like a girl walking past construction workers."
    ~Brad Pitt

  • "I don't think I realized that the cost of fame is that it's open season on every moment of your life."
    ~Julia Roberts

  • "You can't get spoiled if you do your own ironing."
    ~Meryl Streep

  • "That's one of the weird things about celebrity is that you don't know who's watching. That's my least favorite part of acting, celebrity."
    ~Denzel Washington

The Life of an Actor

In stark contrast to the life of a celebrity is the life of an actor. Most of us are constantly in and out of work, on the road with a touring show, attending auditions and callbacks, and making an honest living.

We don't own million dollar homes, go to awards shows, and we're not hounded by the paparazzi.

So why do we do it?

Do It for Passion

Real actors are hungry for work. They ache to be on stage. They know that the journey is the reward. They are passionate about what they do.

If you came to this website hoping to learn how to become famous, it's time to re-evaluate your goals in life. Are you looking for a challenging yet fulfilling career in the performing arts? Or do you just want your face in the grocery store tabloids?

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